Growing Together

Students bring message of Fairtrade to Primary School Children

Eight students from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School and their teacher, Mrs Catherine Chell, went to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Brewood to host a Fairtrade Workshop as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

The students designed the format of the day to make it both engaging and informative for the primary school children. 

Beginning with a simple presentation that they had prepared themselves, the BWH students got the younger children to understand the concept of Fairtrade, about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

They then put this message into action by playing ‘unfair’ building games and  the Banana Split game that looks at the banana chain (what happens to a banana before it reaches the consumer) and to demonstrate the reality of ‘who gets what’ from the sale of bananas.

Following the games, the students also had samples of Fairtrade branded foods for the children to taste.   The final part of the day involved supporting the younger students to come up with their own pledges on how they were going to take a step towards fair trade, before setting up a stall of Fairtrade items to sell.

“It really was a super visit - St Mary's staff and children were so welcoming and all the year 5 and 6 pupils were engaged and enthusiastic.  Our students were, as ever, outstanding and super ambassadors for our school and I would like to pass on my gratitude to them all.” commented Mrs Chell.

“We thought this was a great event to spread the Fairtrade message in a way that really involved the children.   It also a lovely day of collaboration between the two schools who are both part of Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy Company.” added Mrs Bernadette Corbett, Executive Headteacher at St Mary’s.

Queenie  - “This morning was amazing! Mrs Chell told us all about fairtrade and the year 10s from BWH were really kind and helpful. Fairtrade is all about people being treated fairly. We even got to try some fairtrade food!”

Daisy May -   “I liked it when BWH came- the children were helpful and funny! Fairtrade helps people who grow crops earn a fair price. We tried lots of different fairtrade foods- my favourite was the chocolate!”

 Ciara -  “Today I learnt a lot about fairtrade. The banana workers get 1p per banana and the supermarket get 13p per banana! My favourite parts were when we built the tower out of newspaper and when we got to buy some fairtrade items. The lesson was amazing!”