Growing Together

BWH Wins Award for work with Looked After Children

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School, part of Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy, has won a special award from Staffordshire County Council for the work it has done with looked after children.

Using Pupil Premium Plus money the school has worked hard to ensure that children who may be at a social disadvantage because they are in foster care or adopted are given the additional support and resources required to reach their full potential.

The awards are part of a programme with Staffordshire Virtual School and Staffordshire Foster Carers to promote some of the excellent work that schools, social worker and carers do every day to make a difference to the education of looked after children.

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School was singled out as a winner of the ‘Adoption’ category due to its exceptional Special Educational Needs Department (SEND), and the pastoral and educational support it provides, tailored to individual students’ needs.

Mrs Zoie Stevenson, Director of SEND at the school was presented with a special winner’s certificate and £300 towards the Pupil Premium Plus fund. The school will also be used as a case study to share best practice with other schools in Staffordshire.  Headteacher, Mr Phil Smith also received a letter of commendation from Bernard Langley, the Archbishop of Birmingham.

“This is a wonderful school wide achievement” commented Zoie, “ I know that every day all schools are doing something creative to support looked after children, from very different starting points, to do the best they can in education.  This includes getting a school refuser into school for an hour a day, finding  creative ways to support children at risk of exclusion to be interested and engaged in education,  as well as supporting children with great potential that have had gaps in their education to achieve their potential.   The real reward for us is seeing the results and the achievements that the students go on to make.”

The Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged students and close the gap between them and their peers.